Weight Loss With Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee: according to many websites, vendors and the well-known Turkish-American cardiac surgeon Dr. Oz is the slimmer. But are these products, capsules or powders really helping to burn those surplus kilos?

When picking, coffee beans naturally have a gray-green color. They turn dark brown to black during burning. This involves a chemical process in which more than 800 different components together give the taste and smell to coffee . You would therefore expect that this is the basis for the green coffee that is so popular.  

The green coffee that is for sale, however, usually has little to do with those green beans. It is often a mixture of green tea with all kinds of extracts, whether or not in capsules or powders. And those extracts would help with weight loss: dust like ginseng, green tea extract, guarana and natural green coffee extract.

Green coffee extract: GCA

The green coffee products, capsules or powders are mainly chlorogenic acid (GCA). This extract from green coffee beans is lost when burning. GCA is also known under the name Svetol. Under this name it is added to green coffee capsules. With this, research was carried out on 50 volunteers, in which the subjects lost at least 5 kilograms without adjusting their eating habits and lifestyles. The most recent study (2014) shows that it can stimulate fat burning. Research from 2012 also shows that GCA can be an effective way to let people lose weight. But this study was conducted among only 16 people, 8 of whom used the extract.

Dr. Oz

The popular American Dr. Oz show also conducted a survey in 2012 among 100 women. This showed that women who used the GCA daily lost twice as much weight as the women in the placebo group. No wonder green coffee is so extremely popular in the United States.

Too early for harsh statements

In a study published a year earlier (2011), the results of five different studies on the effect of green coffee extract were examined. The cautious conclusion was: the results are hopeful, but it is still too early to make firm statements. Caffeine in coffee is also sometimes claimed to help with weight loss, but there is still too little evidence for this. So it may take a while before the scientists have reached consensus on this subject.


Do you prefer pure and do you want to try green coffee, but prefer not to use supplements or extracts? Then you can buy coffee beans or raw coffee beans in coffee specialist shops or online and make coffee from them. These contain the GCA that is normally lost during burning. The taste and smell will take some getting used to.

Health benefits

More health benefits are known from GCA. It is an antioxidant that reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can also have an anti-inflammatory effect and help protect against tooth decay.

Slimming agent?

Based on current knowledge, it is not yet possible to say that green coffee (extract) is the weight-loss product. In any case, you will not lose weight faster if you do not adjust your lifestyle. It could be a tool to support your energy balance. That is why the message remains the familiar: healthy and varied food with lots of vegetables and fruit with sufficient exercise is the basis for a healthy weight and good health in general.


Green Coffee Beans Weight Loss Supplement
Grüne Kaffeebohnen-Gewichts-Verlust-Ergänzung
Suplemento de perda de peso de grãos de café verde
Suplemento de pérdida de peso de Green Coffee Beans